Ebay Challenges Amazon

Last year Ebay’s CEO Devin Wenig outlined the company’s turnaround plan, admitting at the time that its online marketplace needed some work, including several areas of its e-commerce model that was still complicated. Since then, the enterprise has announced a raft of improvements, including upscaling search capabilities, personalisation and logistics as well, that seem to match Amazon’s approaches.

The company says it will continue with its “replatforming journey” and simplifying the search experience on eBay for its millions of shoppers is a big part of that, including the launch of Group Listings. “We are organising, cataloguing, curating and presenting our inventory in new ways, so each shopper can find exactly what they are looking for.”

Ebay says its new search feature Group Listings will enable online consumers to shop its vast inventory and find the items they’re looking for— faster. Shoppers will now be able to see the most relevant results for any search, according to the online marketplace.

By leveraging structured data and machine learning, Ebay have organised the listings across all shopping categories to show customers the best product results for their search. For each product, it provides the customers with the different ways they can buy this product. This feature is powered by artificial intelligence and Ebay says it will get smarter as it gets feedback on the popularity of certain products and sees how users interact with them.

The Grouped Listing feature launched on desktop Monday to select users, and will be rolling out this week in Australia, US, UK and Germany, with the experience coming soon to mobile.

How it works?

Let’s say you’re searching for a specific product like a “waterproof MP3 player.” You can now choose to view the grouped listings and you won’t be overwhelmed with the same listing multiple times over multiple pages. Instead you will see the most relevant products for your search, and each mp3 player will be shown in an organised, structured page.

Once you click into the product page for the MP3 player you want, you’ll be able to choose the condition you are looking for (new, nearly new or used) and select different price points. You will also be able to shop for similar products, offers you may also want to consider, ratings and reviews about the product, review questions and answers about the product and explore buying guides.

“One of the biggest opportunities we have is to organise, catalogue, curate, and present our vast inventory in ways that enable every person who shops on eBay to find their version of perfect, no matter what it is. That’s why we have embarked on an ambitious, multi-year evolution of our shopping platform at eBay that aims to deliver relevant, persistent and personalised experiences for consumers,” said Steve Fisher, senior vice president and chief technology officer at eBay back in July 2016.

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