Why You Should Be Besties With Millennials in 2017

There’s been a massive boom in the personalisation retail sector and Mon Purse has been a somewhat poster child amongst it all. We tapped the shoulder of James Hopkins, the company’s head of digital and e-commerce, to get his low down on what will be the hottest trends for the online retail industry in the coming year. Here are his top tips below.

Be besties with the Millennials

Nearly two thirds of millennials prefer to shop online compared to just over 50 percent of the population average.  You need to supply a shopping experience that’s quick, easy and user-friendly across all devices, and assume that the potential customer has researched you on more than one of their own.

Customise Everything

A unique, customised, personalised shopping experience that provides product suggestions, add-ons, cross-sells that are based on their preferences, location, demographics and past purchases.  The ability to deliver this customisation across touchpoints such as Facebook Ads, EDM’s, landing pages and post transaction interactions will separate the wheat from the chaff in e-commerce.

Location Based Data

NEAR is an example of an ad-tech company that is the leader in location intelligence and are building the world’s location graph. Connecting people, places and products.

Why is that important for e-commerce? Whether you have a bricks and mortar presence or not, you’ll be able to leverage the mobile location data based on the identification of single devices, the stores they visit, how long they spend there and equally importantly, the stores they don’t visit.  As a multi-channel retailer the significance of this will be far greater.

Artificial Intelligence:

There’s lots happening in this space, and 2017 will see new technology start to hit e-commerce stores.  Whilst bricks and mortar stores sales staff will start to become more involved in the e-commerce experience, the automation of Chatbots is taking hold in the USA with some big brands.  A fully automated Chatbot to answer a customer’s question is definitely not far away from being common place, if not an essential.

mon purse 2017 hot trends ecommerce millenials james hopkinsAbout James Hopkins

James is the Head of E-commerce and Digital for Mon Purse. James was formerly the founder and Managing Director of iCoverLover which was his introduction into e-commerce, a business that he started in his backyard whilst on holidays. James built and sold this business whilst running high-performance sales teams at Australia’s leading radio group, Southern Cross Austereo. 


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