Don’t Overlook The Most Effective Marketing Channel

Compared to flashier channels like commercial advertising and social media, email might seem like an unlikely place to focus your marketing efforts, however did you know that after 45 years, email still offers the highest return on investment of any marketing channel . That’s $48.60 for every $1 spent.

How do you, as a retailer, make the most of this important channel? Here are a few key insights to creating an effective email program:

  • Quality beats quantity when it comes to your email list. Retailers are particularly susceptible to email sending list hygiene issues, caused by typos and bad email addresses captured at the point of sale. Unfortunately, mailing to these addresses can damage your sending reputation, in the worse case it can land you on a blacklist.

Retailers should take proactive steps to manage sending lists, ensuring inactive subscribers and unknown users are routinely removed.

  • Retailers are in a battle for customers’ attention. Consumers on average receive between seven to 20 marketing emails per day, so you need to give your customers a reason to engage if you are going to win the battle for attention and wallet share!

Keeping customers engaged starts with a strong on boarding program, rigorous testing, and targeted messaging based on individual behaviours and preferences.

  • Your Sender reputation is critical to reaching your customers’ inbox. No matter how great the offer may be, your customers can’t buy if they never receive your message—and a poor sender reputation practically guarantees your email will land in the spam folder.

Mailbox providers rely on sender reputation to assist them in filtering emails, ensuring that the messages their users really want are the only ones delivered to their inbox. Retailers need to monitor their sender reputation and the various factors that influence it.

If you are curious, you can check your current sender reputation at Sender Score, a free tool that mirrors sending reputation formulas used by mailbox providers.

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