Google Gets Physical With First Pop-Up Shop

“Made By Google” will reside temporarily at 96 Spring Street in New York, according to the company’s website.

The timing of the store is no coincidence. The company recently launched its own hardware devices earlier this month and what better way to show it off to the public, and the world.

Over the past few weeks Google has unveiled a series of its own gadgets, including its new smartphones (Pixel and Pixel XL), virtual reality headphones, an Amazon Echo-like Google Home device, a Chromecast streaming device and Google’s WiFi router, amongst others.

google made by google pop-up store

The internet giant will launch its pop-up store to familiarise the public with its new devices. Following in the footsteps of Amazon, Google is moving assertively in the sale of its own hardware, already undertaken by Apple and Samsung; devices from these companies are an integral part of their sales.

Tech giants Apple, Amazon and Samsung account for half of the retail sales growth in the US and Google looks to coin in on this action. These brands are continually considering how they can help invite customers and keep them active within their ecosystems, and create a virtuous cycle of loyalty and purchase.

Physical stores are particularly important in electronic sales, where customers want to feel, touch and test drive technology devices, which although come with a reasonable price tag today, often carry a higher cost than most undifferentiated merchandise.

It’s unclear whether Google’s pop-up venture will eventually lead to more permanent locations, however most brands that explore these pop-up things are usually doing a test run for the actual thing, and Google is probably no exception. It will most likely depend on how the public responds to its Manhattan store.

The company has experimented with physical retail before, with several store-within-a-store setups at major chains, and some showroom style installations for its not so popular Google Glasses.

We can expect a few more Google hardware products in the near future, so having a physical shop will be very handy. Looking forward to seeing what’s in store Google.


2 thoughts on “Google Gets Physical With First Pop-Up Shop

    • Aviran
    • 17th October

    Will it be possible to purchase the pixel phone from the store.?

    1. Hi Aviran,

      Yes it is believed Google’s physical pop-up store will stock its hardware for onsite purchase, including the Pixel smartphone.


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