The Fable, Starting Small With Steady Growth

At age 27, Sophie Doyle took the big leap in 2014, leaving her corporate role with L’Oreal Luxe, marketing for Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani, with the idea of starting her own online retail venture; within a year she founded silk shirt label The Fable.

Today, The Fable produces more than 500 shirts a month generating approximately $42,000 of monthly sales revenue to a growing customer base, and is set to make $500,000 in the next 12-months.

Leaving her job in 2014 in search of a new venture, Doyle spent a year travelling around India. It was in Jaipur that she encountered a community she connected with immensely as well as production of thick, durable and high-quality silk. Inspired by the kind local people she met, and seeing a clear gap in the Australian market for quality silk at an affordable price point; Doyle decided to set up shop, online that is.

Launching online ( in October 2015, The Fable secured 100 orders in its first month, initially from Sophie’s family and friends. With a small budget, the Fable implemented only an influencer only program, sending shirts to bloggers in return for posting content.

This strategy quickly started converting to sales of over 400 orders over the next six months which helped the company gain a stronger customer base which has continued to grow.

Today, The Fable produces 500 shirts a month and is on track to turn over $500,000 in revenue. Last year, the fashion retailer secured partnerships with and, and has plans to expand its silk range to camisoles and slip dresses in the coming year.

Tuveer, Doyle’s local tour guide while she was in India, is The Fable’s production manager along with a team of 12 specialist silk tailors based in India, two support staff in Sydney, as well as Doyle, makes up the company’s team.

The Fable makes ethically sustainable silk shirts; it’s passionate about the local environment, Sophie says she ensures The Fable’s silk is dyed with zero impact, natural vegetable dyes.

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