John Winning Says Kogan.Com is Not a Competitor

“We don’t see them ( as a competitor – we try to compete with ourselves,” says Winning, following Kogan’s recent launch of its appliances range. “Most other online retailers are more like sales engines. They like selling and then it’s a bit of a headache to get the product to the customer, but that’s where our job starts. Our focus at Appliances Online is on providing the best shopping experience in the world, which means giving the most competitive price possible, having a great website, providing an unbelievable delivery experience and then looking after our customers when something goes wrong (as shocking as it is for a retailer to want to care for a customer post sale), which I think is where a lot of retailers fall short.”

John Winning says Appliances Online are passionate about “putting its customer first,” which the dynamic CEO has been widely quoted on. The company came 9th in Power Retail’s Top 100 list in The 2017 E-Commerce Leaders Playbook, beating last year’s 11th place ranking. Winning Group’s Appliances Online is a great example of an Australian business that has continued to adapt and evolve to a changing competitive market and one that prides itself on good customer service.

“A more competitive retail market will ultimately give customers more power, which means retailers will need to put their customer first if they want to be successful, which is great. We never worry too much about what our competition is doing – we listen to our customers about what they want from us and spend our time internally executing this. Customers have so many tools at their disposal for researching, reviews and testimonials – they will choose to shop with retailers that not only offer great prices but the best experience and exceptional customer service, which we absolutely back ourselves to do.”

So why do customers keep coming back to Appliances Online?

Winning says when a company is driven by passion and not profits – it makes all the difference.

“We love our customers and our customers love us because we have spent over a decade looking after them in ways that others wouldn’t because they are driven by profits not passion. If a customer chooses to shop with a competitor after dealing with Appliances Online, then we have no one to blame but ourselves. Others may blame a competitive landscape but we would blame ourselves. The only thing we focus on is our relationship with our customers and aren’t worried about what’s happening outside of that.”

One thought on “John Winning Says Kogan.Com is Not a Competitor

  1. I have had first hand experience of this with Appliances Online. It takes a lot for me actually comment but my experience with this company absolutely impressed me. Having your fridge break down is an absolute hassle. Actually its an emergency! Food has to be sorted, eskies, ice and friendly neighbours come to to the rescue.
    I shopped around and found the right fridge that afternoon then found the right price and a promised next day delivery from Appliances Online. All that is good but what really impressed me was the last mile as we say in ECommerce. They arrived at 9 am the next morning – installed the fridge and took the old one away (this was going to be a logistical headache otherwise!) along with all the packaging. Now that is why this company is one I have recommended to my friends. A lot of online retailers have a lot to learn about what customers really need and what problem they are actually solving.


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