New Zealanders on an Internet High

According to Roy Morgan internet data, in the twelve months to January 2012, 93 percent of New Zealanders had  accessed the internet, and 63 percent had also made a purchase online.

Over the twelve months preceding January 2012, surveyed New Zealand internet users were asked which online shopping activities they had participated in during the previous four weeks. The most popular activities were researching products and services to buy, nominated by 30 percent of internet users, and also paying for purchases with a credit card (30 percent). These were followed by participating in online auctions (23 percent), using online payment/transfer systems (19 percent) and purchasing products and services other than groceries (17 percent).

Pip Elliott, Client Services Director of Roy Morgan Research said, “Internet usage continues to grow; now 93 percent of New Zealanders have accessed the internet, compared with 75 percent in 2003. As a consequence of the increase, there has also been a rapid rise in online purchases, going from 22 percent in 2003 to 63 percent today.”

“As certain industries move their customer sales channels to online,” Elliott said, “we should start to see products from particular industries being regularly purchases online. This may be the course for travel tickets and accommodation – the most popular choice of online purchase – due to the online nature of travel purchasing.”

2 thoughts on “New Zealanders on an Internet High

  1. We have been selling an increasing amount of stock across the sea to New Zealand. We have seen our overseas sales nearly double over the last year. Australia Post do a pretty good job of getting parcels to NZ very quickly and at relatively inexpensive rates. I think there is a lot of incentive for other Australian online business to extend their reach to NZ as well.

  2. What do you sell Alec?


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