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15 Percent of Australia’s online fashion transactions are now purchased through Australia’s own payment platform startup Afterpay.

Another startup, Flora & Fauna, is aggregating a “nasty free” marketplace which has done all the hard work to source sustainably made beauty and fashion products.

With well know fashion brands like Showpo entering the US market with ease, let’s talk about how more fashion retailers can tap into global spread successfully.

Payment platform Afterpay only started a few years ago, however the company’s 26 year old CEO and founder, Nick Molnar, has realistic global ambitions in sight from his Surry Hills office based in Sydney.

online fashion succes sydney 2017 nick molnar ceo founder of afterpay
Nick Molnar, CEO and Founder of Afterpay

On Tuesday 6th June 2017, Molnar will host an Innovation Panel connecting Australian Fashion and Retail Technology to entrepreneurs to global opportunities at this year’s Online Fashion Success event, held at the University of Technology in Sydney.

The panel so far includes Molnar as host, Jane Lu – CEO and founder Showpo, Julie Mathers – CEO and founder of Flora & Fauna, serial entrepreneur Paul Greenberg, who is also the co-founder of DealsDirect and founder of Australia’s National Online Retail Association (NORA). A few more globally inspired Australian e-commerce entrepreneurs will be joining this list soon.

Prior to establishing Flora & Fauna, Julie Mathers worked as a sales and marketing manager for Coles, GM Online at APG & Co and finished a Masters in Engineering at Cambridge.

Mathers says there are numerous simple ways to create a more engaging customer experience online. “Having a simple pop-up on your website that shows what other customers are purchasing adds transparency and interest to a shopping experience. Customers are eager to see what other customers have purchased and we’ve observed surges in sales in products as they trend on our website.”

Another insight of Mathers is that customers are engaging with “tech offline” and by that she means “product innovation based on new technology like the new leather substitute made from pineapple leaves called Pinatex”.   Flora and Fauna is now selling the world’s first Pinatex watches, as brands like Puma explore the fabric for their shoes. “Whist the innovation might be the source of the first click, the customer often buys other products after exploring the site through something like the world’s first Pinatex watch.”

online fashion succes sydney 2017 julie mathers CEO and founder of Flora & fauna
Julie Mathers, CEO and Founder of Flora & Fauna

Jane Lu will share her marketing ideas to enter the US market, as a relatively small player for the spend expected to succeed in the USLu is reknowned in Australia for her social media innovation, accumulating over two million followers, and her uniquely successful promotion of womens capability at work through her co-founded group Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (LMBDW). Expect a bit of LMBDW in the networking drinks after the panel.

Nick Molnar says the future of retail is being driven by millennial segment behaviour, noting “their service expectations are driven by experiences from Uber, Netflix and the cloud economy.” Molnar’s ambition and capability is equal to those universal brands, and you can hear him speak more at Online Fashion Success on Tuesday 6th June.

Other panels on the same day include an Insights Panel presented by Oracle + Bronto and a Strategy Panel hosted by Paul Zahra, alongside Carl Jackson – CEO of MySale Group, Prinitha Govender – editor of Power Retail and Dianne Tipping – chair of Export Council of Australia, who have confirmed to join in the fun.

“We are happy if international retailers find a benefit at our event but our core goal is to assist Australian fashion brands, retailers and manufacturers connect to new sources of global growth through digital channels,” says Colman Ridge, event director of at Online Fashion Success. “There is nothing more positive for Australian business than interacting with this lineup of amazing Australian entrepreneurs showing the way.”

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