Oroton Launches New Global Digital Platform

Iconic Australian retailer Oroton’s new flagship global website offers a single global platform that supports six currencies. It also incorporates a more responsive web design, personalisation tools and enhanced fulfilment capabilities as well.

Through its new global online store Oroton is aiming to provide a consistent brand experience across all countries, with improved web deign and personalisation tools as well. The new site, which was developed with Now Solutions, also has a more responsive design, which adapts to any sized screen to cater for today’s multi-device customers can shop from their mobile, tablet or laptop.

“We wanted to get a fresher look and really focus on a much cleaner site allowing our shoppers to experience the Oroton brand whether using their mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop as their device of choice,” said Melanie Grafton, head of e-commerce and client services at Oroton Group.

Capitalising on the world’s love for bespoke designs, the luxury accessories retailer’s new website also includes a “Personalise Your Bag” feature, giving customers the ability to create a personalised touch to their handbags by adding text and/or monogramming.

The retailer undertook several systems changes to ensure information from the online store flowed seamlessly through Oroton’s business systems to enable customers to receive their orders faster as well as get notifications of delivery progress.

The previous Oroton online store consisted of five different websites, each supporting different parts of the world, which was difficult to maintain. The new online store is a single global website now supporting six currencies and with the capacity to grow and offer a more integrated product, further enhanced customer and fulfilment management.

Oroton recently posted one of its worst losses in decades, announcing a staggering 514% loss to $14.25 million for the 2017 financial year, compared with its $3.4 million loss in 2016.

The retailer stated the results were consistent with its forecast reflecting the “soft” and “competitive retail environment” (as many other retailers have disclosed in their FY17 statements) as well as adverse currency impacts.

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