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Power Retail Exclusive with Amy Africa

Amy Africa Interview

Amy Africa was widely commended for her presentations at this years Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo. When she had a spare few minutes, she sat down with Power Retail’s Jessica Benton to discuss all things online.

Amy Africa has a strong repertoire for all things online. Africa is CEO of Eight by Eight, a company that is dedicated to helping retailers increase their online sales. From shopping cart abandonment, to email marketing and website renovation, Africa has knowledge on topics that many retailers today find confusing.

In this brief interview Power Retail’s Jessica Benton discusses the modern consumer with Africa and how the consumer hasn’t changed, but the platform they are using has. What kinds of marketing will impress the modern consumer? What are they drawn to? And how does neuromarketing actually work?

Samantha Youl

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Sam is a content creator for The Media Pad. She was never sure what type of media job she wanted to settle for after studying media and communications at University, but being a bit of a shopaholic and a mobile phone junkie, The Media Pad seemed to be the perfect fit. When she isn’t watching the online retail space she spends far too much time playing netball and investigating her next trip abroad. Follow Sam on Twitter or connect with her through LinkedIn

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