US Pureplay Webstore Launches Internationally with Ease

International Checkout has announced a partnership with Z Gallerie to enable the home furnishings, art and accessories store to serve customers globally without risk or difficulty.

By outsourcing the operational challenges of international shipping, customs documentation, compliance, and clearance, currency conversion, customer service and returns management to International Checkout, Z Gallerie is able to enjoy a new revenue stream without any significant friction or alteration of their domestic operations.

Overseas consumers can shop at Z Gallerie, and with a click of the ‘International Checkout’ button, the shopping cart is transferred to International Checkout. There, customers receive a price quote in their local currency, including the option to prepay duties and taxes at a guaranteed rate, before completing their purchase.

“International consumers are becoming more and more comfortable purchasing goods from the U.S. online, especially when they recognise a name they can trust,” said International Checkout CEO and President, Saskia Chiesa. “We have been fulfilling orders around the globe for nearly ten years and serve more than 1200 U.S. retailers. That record does a lot to boost consumer confidence. We are thrilled to help Z Gallerie gain access to international revenues.”

The success of an offering like International Checkout rests in its ability to take on the pain of selling to international customers so that the retailer doesn’t have to invest any extra time and resources into the expansion. Given their existing structure, adding a new retail brand is much easier for International Checkout than it would be for Ze Gallerie to expand into 250 international locations.

For Australian online retailers, companies like International Checkout can be seen as a fantastic idea but with a negative outcome, as these systems allow for greater online competition. As yet, there are few providers that can offer Australians the same niche services that International Checkout offers its US businesses.

Could a company like International Checkout be an attractive solution to help you expand internationally?

For more information on how you can take your business overseas, read Power Retail’s Special Report #21: Growing Globally.

One thought on “US Pureplay Webstore Launches Internationally with Ease

    • John Cable
    • 21st August

    Love your chrome & glass dining tables Are they available in Australia.


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