Storytailing: Where Editorial Meets E-Commerce at Bellaloopa

Originally, Melisande Clarke and Josephine Brouard built their careers on editing magazines. Now their lives have taken a serious change with the launch of their online fashion store, Bellaloopa.

Besides being avid shoppers, the pair have no formal experience in online retail, which meant some hurdles had to be overcome in order to get their idea on its feet. Outsourcing the necessary web development took a lot of the work of their hands, and they also enlisted Clarke’s daughter, a graphic artist, for the design work.

“Bellaloopa was born out of my passion for online shopping,” Clarke told Mumbrella. “I met Josephine Brouard, another keen online shopper, when we both worked for Cleo Magazine, and we decided to use our extensive media experience and the infinite production possibilities of the internet, to create a magazine that had the high-production values of a glossy magazine, and the easy ‘click-through’ technology that directs readers to the e-tailer point of sale for any item in the magazine.”

Bellaloopa functions on an affiliate model, whereby the site launched featuring content over 100 online retailers and their products. In that sense, the company’s revenue model is driven by targeted display advertising.

This style of e-commerce site has gained a lot of traction in the fashion and homewards categories. Products that would once appear in glossy magazines alongside swathes of text can now be purchased with just a few clicks. By providing both the information and the ability to purchase, customers are more likely to treat a website as a one-stop-shop – negating the need to continue to find out more from other sources.

In particular, curated product webstores like Bellaloopa highlight the importance of having great content – in the form of pictures, video and text – in order to improve conversions.

What content are you finding it hardest to produce or to produce well?

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