Create the Ultimate Digital Service Guide – Part One

Most online businesses, however small or big, are increasingly concerned about providing good support to customers and maintaining a good online fan following. Getting customers involves a lot of hard work and no one wants to see their hard work go down the drain, just because of a simple technical flaw or a behavioural mistake. The future of your business relies heavily on how your brand projects in the eyes of your customers, so it is very important that your business, marketing, promotion, sales, SEO and other departments work together on customer service to ensure a smooth and sustaining user experience.

In part one of the series, you will read the first five tips to create the ultimate digital service guide. Drawing upon previous research, this article is a round up of insights and steps you can take to attract new customers and keep them coming.

1. Acquiring new customers for your business

The first objective of any business is to have its own product or service or a ‘sales’ item. This is immediately followed by a bigger objective – getting the word out about the product and acquiring new customers.

10 years back, small businesses had to heavily rely on search engines for customer acquisition, as there were no alternate sources to find customers. But today, we have a lot of other options to consider. There is no denial in the fact that organic traffic leads to maximum conversion, getting found organically and acquiring new customers on autopilot mode is a dream come true for any online business.

But your business should not rely solely on a particular type of audience, because this is a very risky model and there are chances that it might collapse or you may be outranked by a competing service. Hence, customer acquisition should ideally be an ongoing effort and you should diversify and leverage the power of social media websites to your advantage, there are numerous ways to do this, check out this mashable article for more ideas.

2. Keeping those customers – lower the bounce rate of your website 

Once you have managed to attract a few faces and have gained some early adopters, it is very important to keep them on your site and ensure a great user experience. It is a well known fact that early leads spread the word about a business, which eventually strengthens the brand and attracts more customers in the long run.

So in order to ensure that early adopters use your service, an Inc article shows that it is imperative to seal all the exit routes and keep them glued to your site.

 3. Providing value to customers, ensuring good customer relationships

Regardless of the type of business you run and the products you sell, you will always have “angry” customers. You will have negative feedback, complaints, customer dissatisfaction and a heck lot of problems will emerge out of nowhere. This is a part and parcel of every other online business and it is your responsibility to fix those issues as early as possible.

Your product may be top notch but your customers are more important and certainly more valuable than your product. This is because if your leads turn away, your business won’t “sell”.

Keeping your customers happy is an art and not many businesses pay close attention to customer feedback, rather take extra steps to fix their problems. Overtime, they are left with an entire army of angry customers and eventually a competing service wins them because of your ignorance.

4. Engaging customers and  strengthening your brand’s following and loyalty

After a few months of launch, you may have noticed that early adopters are not coming back. It is not that someone has launched a better product or you are getting outranked by a competitor or there is negative feedback about your business. Everything is fine and set but there is a dip in the growth ratio of new customers.

This is nothing but a side effect of low engagement. The human brain is programmed to forget and after a while, users get used to a name and they forget about it. Life gets busy and people turn their attention to something else.

So how do you gain the attention back? How do your re-empower your brand’s following and remind your customers that your business exists and offers genuine value they might be interested in? You can check out Power Retail’s special report on Building Loyalty and you can read what twelve community managers say about better engagement here.

5. First impression is crucial – Make your sales pages or e-commerce site more professional

You will never get a second chance to create that first impression.

As far as online sales is concerned, users are very skeptical and a Yes/ No decision is made within 3 seconds after a user lands on a sales page. If your sales page or e-commerce site has disturbing colors, ugly layout, small fonts and a very unpleasant color combination, it is highly unlikely that users will trust it, let alone decide to buy products or subscribe to your service. Read 10 common mistakes in e-commerce design and how to avoid them for more information.

Design and typography is by no means limited to only landing pages. Your entire website should radiate a “feel good” factor, only then users will decide to spend time within your site. When users spend some time on your site, you have to win their trust, so design and usability should be top priorities for anyone who wants to sell products through his online store, read what makes your site attractive here.

Part two of the Ultimate Digital Service Guide will be online soon.

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