Target Breaks Online Sales Record with Vic Beckham’s Line

Victoria Beckham’s clothing line collaboration with Target went on sale to the public in US Target stores and online over the weekend, providing a boost in its online sales, which have outperformed the retailer’s previous collaborations.

Company spokesman, Joshua Thomas, said that online sales for the collection by Victoria have surpassed Target’s record sales of a design partnership, which isn’t too surprising since more people these days are shopping online, and secondly, Target had a more well-equipped website to handle the demand this time around, which wasn’t the case with its previous collaboration launch with preppy designer Lilly Pulitzer, when the site crashed, leaving angry and disgruntled online shoppers.

There were no major hiccups for the online launch of Vic’s collection though, with many shoppers in the US commenting on how easy and seamless the process was this time around.

Thomas says that Target in fact, saw many positive comments about the online launch and the digital shopping process, with customers praising the online shopping experience.

Target learnt from its previous mistakes, by stocking more items for this collection than the last one with Pulitzer, with the aim of items lasting much longer in-store and online that for more than just one day. This time around there are still items for sale from Victoria’s collection online.

While the collection was only available in the US, Victoria’s fashionista fans in the UK were a tad disappointed. The former pop star decided to make a selection of pieces from her Target collection available through her own online store to service her international customers.

It’s Victoria’s own webstore in fact, that saw hoards of crushing traffic with items selling out within hours, and many customers taking to social media to vent their frustrations over website issues. Beckham responded by tweeting an apology to her fans, saying she was “sorry for any frustration.”

Another interesting point to note about Target’s collaboration launch with Victoria Beckham was that in-store lines weren’t as large as expected and accounted for. Most stores only saw small lines form outside before they opened on Sunday. One reason for this may be that while there was

One reason for this may be that while there was buzz surrounding the event, it was nowhere near the hysteria that followed Pulizer’s collaboration. Secondly, the fact that Target had better prepared it’s online store this time around; thirdly, that consumers could also buy via Victoria’s own international online store. And fourthly, and well going back to my initial point, more people are shopping online these days. Speaking of which, I just had a look at the collection. I must head off to do a little shop of what’s left!

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