How is Vinomofo Creating a Network of Highly Engaged Mofos?

Australian online wine retailer Vinomofo is entering an exciting phase in its life. Its Australian operations are established and growing and it’s seeing success in its overseas markets as well. The company says it’s looking into refining its model, its distribution channels, and how it communicates with and rewards its loyal consumer base, which it refers to as “mofos”.

“Our international markets are continuing to grow and we’re putting a lot of focus here, engaging our tribes in both New Zealand and Singapore. We’re also planning to launch in Hong Kong before the end of this year, followed by China, the US and Europe over the next 18 months,” says the company’s co-founder and joint CEO, Andre Eikmeier.

Last year Vinomofo took major steps towards increasing its customer base across all markets, including branching out on its wine range to diversify its product offering.

“We’ve always been known for having phenomenal wines, particularly Australian wines, but last year we shifted our focus a little and went big on international wines, and it’s working really well. It adds a level of diversity and an additional layer to our offering that our mofos are loving. Now we’re focused on having more cool, small-batch wines – the unheard of limited run varietals. These wines are what our buyers get ridiculously excited about, and is exactly what our mofos want. We simply asked them what they wanted more of, and this was the answer,” says Eikmeier.

“In our new markets, we’re essentially starting from scratch; building our tribe, focusing on product and what is working and refining all aspects of our business. We focus heavily on PR, word of mouth, organic social and paid social/search that grows our tribe. We’re also spending more time over there, bringing our mofos together in events, and creating more local content that adds value.”

Eikmeier says being a members-only retailer also plays a massive role in creating a network of highly engaged mofos, as well as providing a good shopping experience with “no bow ties” and no “bullshit.”

“We’re a members-only retailer. So our business is growing a tribe, not opening stores. Everything sort of evolves from there. Our proposition is very strong, our business is based around drinking only good wines, convenience and easy, best value promise, and a happiness guarantee, but the loyalty really comes from creating a good, human experience, no bow ties and bullshit.”

The other part of this for Vinomofo is personalisation, which is what the company will be focusing on in the coming year, with aims to be more than just a wine site.

“Personalisation is a huge part of what we’re focusing on over the coming year. We try to create a world that people want to be part of, via social and other content, that is personal and relatable to them, and adds value to their lives. Our objective is to be more than just a wine site – we want to be their trusted, educated wine friend that can fulfil all of their wine needs, from education and knowledge, through to product.”

Engagement is the final part of Vinomofo’s strategy to grow its loyal consumer base. “This method drives a lot of our growth. We engage our mofos a LOT. Too much, perhaps, but it does create a highly engaged and loyal tribe.”

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