INFOGRAPHIC: Amazon’s E-Commerce Dominance by Numbers

Currently, Australian sellers are able to connect with international consumers via Amazon and ChannelAdvisor. International sellers can even sell here via Amazon. However, this online retail giant has yet to open any significant infrastructure in Australia, and therefore remains only a distant threat to our local industry.

More recently, Google has revealed to the world just how Amazon-conscious it is in making its Google Shopping platform a paid marketing channel and placing the offering in direct competition with the retailer. Does Amazon have Google running scared? Not quite – not yet. But it may be only a matter of time.

In order to bring home the sheer scale of this aggressive retail behemoth, Power Retail has developed the brief infographic below, which lays out the Amazon threat by the numbers. In particular, one section highlights how Amazon’s revenue has grown compared to the entirety of US e-commerce; hair-raising stuff.

INFOGRAPHIC: Amazon's E-Commerce Dominance by the Numbers
Amazon’s E-Commerce Dominance by Numbers – Power Retail.

One thought on “INFOGRAPHIC: Amazon’s E-Commerce Dominance by Numbers

  1. Great work on the infographic Campbell. It seems like Google is fighting big players on many fronts outside their core search business….which is nothing new. Amazon have Google totally licked for shopping and percentage of consumers that have filed a credit card with them.


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