eBay’s ‘Metaphysical’ Products’ Disappearing Act

eBay has recently announced it will ban listings for fortune-telling and other magic-related products and services as of September this year.

Such services include tarot card readings, spells, blessings and curses. The reason? Unsurprisingly, eBay has found that sales of these kinds of products and services often result in customer service issues, which can be somewhat difficult to resolve.

Megan English, Communications Manager at eBay Australia says that regular category reviews and updates are often spurred by customer feedback.

“We are discontinuing a small number of categories within the larger Metaphysical subcategory, as buyers and sellers have told us that transactions in these categories often result in issues that can be difficult to resolve,” English explains.

Although listings of this nature make up only a very small portion of eBay’s listings in Australia, even those sellers listing magic-related items may be able to get around the new restrictions.

“It’s important to note that items that have a tangible value in their own right and may also be used in metaphysical rites and practices (i.e. jewellery, crystals, incense, candles and books) are allowed in most cases.”

The update is more than an example of eBay pulling a rabbit out of its hat, as the popular virtual market continues to improve its services for both buyers and sellers.

For more information regarding eBay’s listing policies, more information is available via its website.

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