Who to Follow? 10 E-Commerce Commentators from Around the World

E-Commerce is fundamentally niche. It’s a sector-within-a-sector, and, while general awareness and education on the matter is certainly growing in Australia, there is always more to learn.

Employees at every level of online retail businesses, solution vendors, and even PR and marketing agencies can stand to know more about how business is being conducted increasingly online. While there are many voices in the space already, it can be hard to choose who to follow (assuming you’re already following us).

With this in mind, we’ve scoured our networks for some of the most enlightening, experienced and often humorous commentators active in today’s landscape. To provide even more value, we’ve focused on providing a range of options from outside Australia; follow these commentators to expand your horizons – you never know when a single idea will have enormous ramifications for your future success.

10 Prominent E-Commerce Voices from Around the World:

Alizila – First cab off the rank isn’t a single person, in fact it’s Alibaba‘s official e-commerce news and resources blog run by Editor-in-Chief, Jim Erickson. Most of the content is produced by the team in-house, and as Erickson said in a recent interview, while they may be considered part of Alibaba’s PR team, they’ve been given an opportunity to practice what can be considered as largely independent journalism. Useful for gaining greater insight into Chinese e-commerce tips and trends.

Follow Alizila on Google Plus and Twitter.

Chloë Thomas – Author and Creator of The eCommerce Masterplan, Thomas has a long history of consulting to businesses in the UK and beyond. With a knack for explaining complex business strategies and techniques in a straightforward, engaging manner, here’s someone that any e-commerce marketer, strategist or entrepreneur should be listening to. Her debut contribution to Power Retail provides a great guide to getting started with Google Shopping campaigns.

Follow Chloë Thomas on Google PlusTwitter and LinkedIn.

Linda Bustos – Director of Ecommerce Research at Elastic Path and Author of the Get Elastic Ecommerce Blog, Bustos has been recognised as a prominent voice in the North American market. Discussing topics such as affiliate marketing, merchandising and personalisation, here is one very informative voice for anyone aspiring to reach the level of e-commerce marketing sophistication that is present in the US.

Follow Linda Bustos on Twitter and Facebook.

Etailing India – The name pretty much says it all. Produced by Ashish Jhalani and Siddarth Gaur, Etailing India is a blog providing news updates and resources for the Indian e-commerce market, while also serving as a mouthpiece for the Etailing India Expo. Topics are generally wide-ranging, including both local and international stories, but it is sure to serve as an excellent reference point for any decision maker thinking of launching operations into the subcontinent.

Follow Etailing India on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Rand Fishkin – Co-Founder at Moz, Fishkin is known the world over as a leading expert in content, search, and social marketing. While he doesn’t specifically comment on e-commerce matters all of the time, most of the material produced or relayed is highly relevant to the space regardless, and most e-commerce practitioners will find value in adapting his lessons to their needs.

Follow Rand Fishkin on Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

Ian Jindal – As Editor-in-Chief and Co-Editor of InternetRetailing, a UK-based publication, Jindal is well-placed to provide insight into the British e-commerce market. However, his website also produces French-language news as well, allowing some cross-cultural flow of ideas and news pieces. Watch closely if you have plans to open up trade into the UK or even France.

Follow Ian Jindal on Google Plus and Twitter.

Jim Banks – Head of Biddable Media at Cheapflights, Banks is another UK-based e-commerce voice with a very deep well of talent to draw on. With years of experience in PPC, banner advertising, social media and email marketing, there’s little wonder that Banks has been called upon to appear at the fast-approaching PeSA Conference this year.

Follow Jim Banks on Google Plus and Twitter.

Sucharita Mulpuru – Mulpuru is Vice President, Principal Analyst serving Ebusiness and Channel Strategy Professionals for Forrester Research and, as such, she has a commanding presence as a US-based expert on e-commerce, multichannel retail, consumer behaviour and general online shopping trends. She has also authored ‘The State Of Retailing Online’, a joint study conducted annually with Shop.org and a leading industry benchmark publication, as well as making occasional appearances at the annual Online Retailer Conference and Expo.

Follow Suchurita Mulpuru on her blog and Twitter.

Zalorians – Last but not least, this irreverent and sometimes satirical Facebook page (categorised as a ‘fictional character’) does a great job of following the entrepreneurial habits of Berlin’s startup, accelerator and investment community. While the news isn’t always in English, you’ll find all the talk on Kinnevik, the controversial Samwer Brothers, and all the e-commerce brands, booms and busts in between. The name ‘Zalorians’ comes from a corruption of ‘Zalora‘, Rocket Internet‘s online fashion business operating throughout South East Asia.

Follow Zalorians on Facebook. Oh, and they’re on Twitter too.

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