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INFOGRAPHIC: Australian E-Commerce

Australian e-commerce statistics

With an estimated $37.1billion in sales projected for next year, the e-commerce industry in Australia becomes more exciting by the day.

The Australian consumer has already made the switch to digital in a very comprehensive way, making this country quite an interesting place for anyone with an e-commerce bent. 94 percent of the population have internet access, with almost 80 percent browsing online on a daily basis.

For more statistics on the general online, social and e-commerce habits of Australian consumers, has put together this handy infographic below.

Infographic on Australian e-commerce by


  • This is one of the best infographics I’ve ever seen, but I don’t think big w would be the biggest online store in aus.


    • Hi Paul – thanks for commenting. Unfortunately judging the ‘biggest’ or ‘best’ online retail organisation is never an easy task.

      As you can see from the references, Competitions was using SmartCompany’s ‘E-commerce Superstars’ list from November last year.

      Perhaps there will be an even more accurate list available before too long?

    • Gary
    • 10th September

    The payment methods bit is confusing. What does it mean for PayPal to be in 2 segments?

    • Hi Gary and thanks for pointing this out.

      After trawling through the research used, I’ve ascertained that they’re drawing from the ACMA Engage website (actually a hosted slide deck on the website), which quotes payment statistics.

      The difference between the payment types are consumers who use both credit and money transfer services (53%), versus credit-card only (25%), money transfer services only (12%) or none of these (9%).

  • Extremely helpful data and very well presented. Helped me immensely for my market research on the Online Retail sector in Australia.
    Would appreciate it if you had any information/sources to share on Online Retail Business Models in Australia as well…


  • not even close to being accurate top 10


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