Temando is the world’s leading and most comprehensive Delivery Management Platform. Each year, we help over 30,000 clients deliver to millions of customers all around the world.

Temando is more than just freight software. We’re all about collaboration to create efficient delivery models. We work with companies with the same passion for logistical solutions as us, and who share our collaborative approach to business.

Our model is unique, but our focus is simple. We aim to reduce shipping cost through volume aggregation and process optimization, while creating demand by breaking down the barriers of trade through shared access of information.

With Temando’s enormous customer base, benefit from our pre-loaded, market-leading shipping rates from our partners. Alternatively, upload your own existing carrier rates and still take advantage of our technology and process benefits.

Temando offers an unrivalled multi-carrier platform to interact with over 400 potential fulfilment providers globally. Easily quote, book & track shipments, produce compliant shipping documentation & manifests, all from a single system.

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