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SPECIAL REPORT #23 Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms


Power Retail presents our Enterprise E-Commerce Platforms Special Report sponsored by Amblique. This report contains in-depth analysis of a broad range of powerful platforms, expert commentary and insightful case studies to help inform the toughest in decision-making.


  • Hello Campbell,

    I tried to download this report from your new online store and it doesn’t work. I get an order confirmation but no download. I tried twice to make sure I did it correctly. But no so I have emailed you the order confirmation and you might want to take a look. Maybe you should get someone to build you an online store that works with some good technology and hosted in Australia and not the USA.


    • James G
    • 12th October

    A ‘thankyou’ goes a long way, its a free report, im sure it will be in your inbox soon enough…

    • Nothing is ever free but Campbell emailed me the report for which I did thank him. So it did turn up in the email box but not via the online store. Maybe it stopped in Hawaii for a vacation on the way to Oz.


  • Thanks John and James,

    Sorry to hear of the trouble John – we’ll look into it. If anyone has any trouble with downloads, please email info@mediapad.com.au.



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