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Owning the only independent record store in Western Sydney for the past 20 years, Curnovic has cultivated a strong sense of community within its customer base by providing a comprehensive collection of new and used CD’s, vinyls and music memorabilia. Curnovic‘s passion and dedication to his business and his customers is shown in the work he does – through the cultivation of a brand that holistically involves and caters to his customers and their needs. Specifically, Beatsdisc possesses a strong social media following through the utilisation of these new mediums to incorporate itself into the music community and simultaneously promote new stock and events.

Supporting the growing trend in the music industry that sees customers reconnecting with physical products such as tactile vinyl, Beatdisc also ensure that independent and local artists and labels are accounted for in their store.

Orbit 7190g scanner

In order to cater to their customers in a more innovative sense, Beatdisc also transforms itself into a live music venue for local artists and labels to showcase their talent, moving the record racks and counters to make way for an ever-changing ambient stage. The versatility of Beatdisc’s retail space means the implementation of versatile technology that can support their ambition. Honeywell’s scanner technology allows this.

By being able to employ the same scanning hardware for both daytime retail purposes, and night-time QR ticket codes, Beatdisc creates state-of-the-art business spaces through the flexibility Honeywell scanners provide. Beatdisc isn’t limited by any physical or logistical constraints, giving time back to Curnovic’s day that can be used to interact with and support the customer instead.

This seamless system contributes to Beatdisc’s holistic brand. Through the support of technology, the Beatdisc brand is one of fluidity and a strong ability to adapt and diversify. Beatdisc can create the ultimate customer experience by being able to easily change and cater to new trends, events and products that keep Beatdisc on the ball for its customers.

Customer service is paramount for Curnovic, creating his success through the cultivation of the ultimate store experience that supports his passionate brand. And with the use of robust and reliable technology, the possibilities for Beatdisc are endless.

Click here to learn more on how Honeywell’s Orbit 7190g scanner helped Beatdisc transform its store.

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