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While it may feel like a huge success having consumers buy your products, your true success can only be measured when you understand your customer’s experience from start to finish. One vital part of this journey is your contact centre. Data extracted from the contact centre is vital to customer journey mapping, and ultimately, a long-term relationship with your customers.

If you’re looking to improve customer experience, your contact centre is the first place to start with a customer journey map. This map is essentially a visual overview of a customer’s experience with your brand, from start to end as a loyal customer.

The process of gathering this information is known as customer journey mapping, where numerous tools are used to gather and represent the entire customer experience. It helps you see where and when your customers are in contact with your brand, figures out customers’ needs at the different stages of their journey, helps you see what matters the most and how to target these important experiences, and identifies whether or not your customers are currently following a logical path. Below is a simplified example of a customer journey map.

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The contact centre is central to this process, as this is where a number of consumer-related interactions take place. Whether you run your own contact centre or have made use of business process management and have an external centre, include the managers and agents in the creation of your map. They will have critical insights into your customers’ experiences, what their challenges are and how you might be able to improve. Below are the ways in which you can access valuable insights your contact centre may have.

  • Customer surveys – opinions of the customers who have experience of your brand.
  • Social media – reviews left by customers and messages received expressing concerns or compliments.
  • Real-time customer data – qualitative data around the popular times customers call your contact centre, how long they stay on the phone, common times at which they end a call and common reasons for ending a call.
  • Website analytics – how customers interact with your website in terms of monthly visits, which pages they spend a lot of time on and which pages they don’t.

Your contact centre agents spend their days speaking and listening to your customers in a number of ways, making your contact centre one of the most important avenues for gaining vital customer experience information. The information you gather with the help of technological tools makes the contact centre not just a small step in your customer’s experience, but an important part of creating a positive customer experience.

This data will not only help you construct your customer journey map, but also gain insights into how your customers feel about your brand as a whole, and improve where possible. A customer journey map need not be complicated, as long as it reveals information regarding the current experience of your valued customers. This will ultimately help you provide a seamless experience from start to finish.


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