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While there are many unknowns when it comes to Amazon’s arrival, basic preparation like optimising for organic search is within reach.

There have been varying responses to the news that the e-commerce company’s arrival to Australian soil is imminent. Some are eagerly awaiting the Amazon launch with excitement about all that it means for e-commerce in Australia. For others, the anticipation is causing understandable unease.

Yet the focus (with Amazon reportedly weeks away) should be the same now as it has been since Amazon confirmed its plans to launch in Australia almost a year ago: preparation is key. Once you understand the essentials, you’ll know exactly what it takes to ensure you stand out from the competition.

Here we share ChannelAdvisor’s top tips for retailers to optimise their organic search, more of which will be covered in its upcoming webinar on Amazon Essentials: How to Succeed on the Amazon Marketplace.


We know from overseas learning that Amazon has completely changed consumer behaviour. According to recent reports, over 55% of consumers begin their product searches on Amazon (compared to just 28% on Google). That is why it is essential for your product to appear where your potential customer is looking for it. Even before Amazon’s arrival, being consumer-centric was key. Knowing how your potential customer could find you is the key to e-commerce success. With Amazon’s launch, this remains true now more than ever. Shoppers will browse, choosing to ‘Shop by Department’ to drill into categories as they find inspiration. Others will utilise the search bar to explore products using specific queries (brand/size/colour etc) or general queries (product descriptions). Consumers might also filter results using product details using everything from shipping options to nutrition details. Know how your customer might find you and ensure your listings are optimised accordingly. It is no secret how consumer-focused Amazon is, which means that you should be too.


Optimising for Amazon is not the same as optimising for other search engines. Amazon uses the words in your title to match a search query to search results which is why it is essential that titles are accurate. Try to include as many of the following as relevant in your title:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Key feature
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Quantity

Search terms may not necessarily be in your product title. They are the terms that a buyer might use when looking for your type of product. Make the most of this by ensuring you utilise all the search terms you are allowed and all 50 characters if possible. It’s essential that you check for spelling errors and avoid repetition and use of commas.

Continually research by checking which products are ranking higher in search and brainstorm terms that you may not be using.


Bullet points are essential from a content perspective to emphasise your selling points but don’t discount their importance for search value. Choose phrasing that your consumer would use to find you when writing your bullet points and descriptions. Most importantly, do not copy and paste the text from your website. Customise your descriptions for Amazon. Remember that Amazon reserves the right to remove listings with overly long product descriptions so ensure you are succinct and to the point.


We understand that this is all new territory for many (if not most) retailers in Australia. The same is true for consumers. The search terms that work on Google or even on your own website may be completely different for Amazon. This is why it is essential to test, test, test. Run A/B tests with different descriptions for the same product and see which lead to more conversions. Continuously test, because just when you think you’ve mastered Amazon’s search, your competition might be gaining ground.

Understand that this is a long-term proposition. It takes time to identify the ideal mix of keyword combinations that will lead to marketplace success. Get the basics right before Amazon’s launch and ensure you have the right support partners and technology to provide you with the tools and strategies to keep you on top.

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