Why SMS Plays an Important Part of Mobile Strategy

It’s easy to forget how far the mobile phone has come since the iPhone first launched less than a decade ago. In 2007 there was no such thing as mobile commerce. Fast forward to 2016 and the mobile phone is a different beast; m-Commerce is forecasted to produce $415 billion in sales.


It’s really only in the last five years that consumers have seriously considered buying anything on their smartphones, let alone those big ticket items. Mobile phones have really taken the lead in a very short space of time; 51 percent of sales now occur on a mobile device, while smartphones are used for 66 percent of all internet searches.


Adopting SMS as part of your company’s mobile strategy is a good idea for many reasons, including those below:

SMS is immediate

The fact that mobile phones are outperforming other tech communication devices is no surprise. Mobile phones are one of the most direct channels of communication to consumers, and it’s something brands should consider if they want to communicate directly with their customers, fast.

The immediate impact is evident; 90 percent of all SMS messages are opened within 90 seconds (versus 90 minutes for email) and 36 percent of links within SMS messages are clicked on (versus 3.2 percent on email). SMS messages get peoples attention wherever they are.
SMS is familiar

As mobile phones have evolved into smart phones, and advances in technology and the m-Commerce market has expanded, the humble SMS function has remained relatively the same, meaning it’s a familiar and well understood channel for brands to communicate with consumers.

While SMS is a great stand-alone marketing tool, it’s one that can easily be integrated into numerous marketing activities and can effectively supplement other campaigns.

Reconnect with customers 

Online abandonment is usually bad news for e-Commerce marketers, however, one way to remedy this is via remarketing. Using SMS to remarket, allows companies to send a one-off, personalised message to their customers, at a time most relevant to them. By reconnecting with consumers at a time convenient to them, not only are they more likely to respond positively to the communication, but it may help with alleviating online abandonment of your brand via reconnecting with consumers.

With the rapid rise of m-Commerce in Australia, integrating mobile strategies into customer interactions may prove to be an effective channel to tie into your company’s suite of e-Commerce marketing.


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