SponsoredLinX Expands Online Retail Capabilities With AI

SponsoredLinX is now focused on using technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), to cost-effectively extend the reach of digital marketing campaigns to help retail brands and SME’s bolster their digital marketing campaigns.

“As retail brands strive to anticipate consumer needs and deliver authentic, relevant experiences for consumers, we’ve seen the opportunity for our clients to leverage artificial intelligence as an extension of their existing campaigns,” says Ben Bradshaw, CEO and founder of SponsoredLinX.

As an example, the entertainment streaming product Netflix utilises AI to great effect every time it ‘suggests’ a new TV series or movie that a customer may like. By suggesting relevant content for specific users, Netflix aims to keep customers from cancelling their subscriptions. And it’s working, Netflix reporting that their recommendation tools could save them $1 billion a year, with 80 percent of content discovery on Netflix now happening via recommendations.

“Artificial intelligence is a truly revolutionary technology. It allows digital marketing campaigns to be fine-tuned or micro-refreshed with relevant content more frequently even during a single campaign to allow clients to increase authentic engagement with target audiences in the moments where they will be most receptive,” Ben says.

Ultimately though, this technology allows brands to stand out amidst the noise to capture consumer attention across multiple partners and devices during the moments that matter.

“The key to AI in a digital marketing campaign is its ability to constantly learn from the responses of consumers and tweak its message delivery to hit times where consumers will be the most responsive, thereby generating greater e-Commerce yield and ease the path to purchase,” Ben says.

In fact, in 2017, a learning algorithm can predict your behaviour better than your spouse based on what you ‘like’ on Facebook.

The buzz around the potential of artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) is both captivating and intimidating to many businesses. The transformational nature of AI —from automated chatbots and helpful digital assistants to clever ways to predict behaviour and make relevant personal buying suggestions at scale — brings a new paradigm shift to the way SME’s can interact and engage with audiences across all channels.

“While the complexity of AI may sound daunting at first, Artificial Intelligence opens an entirely new realm of possibility when it comes to integrating and extracting value from disparate data sources on a massive scale. The ability of AI to automate processes enables brands to work smarter and faster and allows them to focus their time more strategically. These advantages are critical for our clients, especially considering the challenges SME’s face around real-time personalization and sourcing instant insight from unstructured data such as social media comments, video, e-mail etc.,” concludes Ben.

About SponsoredLinX

Since 2006 SponsoredLinX has designed digital campaigns to achieve real results for business owners and entrepreneurs. We’re committed to growing our client’s revenue with great strategy, the best technical solutions and a focus on measurable results. We can help with digital strategy across Google Adwords, SEO, mobile marketing, social media management, app marketing, mobile websites and web development. SponsoredLinX has developed a business formula which is adaptable to the needs of any business.


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