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Why the Non-Customer Voice is Also Important

We shouldn’t just be listening to the voice of our customers – we should also listen to what those who didn’t buy from your store are saying. Non-customers can provide valuable insights for retailers into potential barriers to their purchase and customer service issues.


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How Will Amazon Affect My Online Retail Store?

With Amazon announcing its sure arrival on our doorstep, Dean Salakas, chief executive of party supplies retailer The Party People, contemplates how his business will be affected and says that Amazon won’t really hurt it.

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What is Artificial Intelligence Marketing?

Artificial intelligence marketing solutions offer ways to bridge the gap between data science and execution. The process of sifting through and analysing huge dumps of data was once an insurmountable process and is now not only feasible, but it’s actually easy.

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What Are Our Online Retailers Reading?

With the Easter break around the corner, many of you may be lucky enough to take time out to relax, weather it be with family or friends, doing your favourite activities or vegging out poolside with a good book. I know I will be (doing all of the above)!  Here’s some inspiration for your next read.

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11 Best Examples of B2C Marketing Automation

Today’s retail marketing teams are tasked with constantly increasing leads, conversions, and, subsequently, revenue. By utilising the right marketing automation technology, brands can boost sales productivity by as much as 14.5% and reduce marketing overheads by at least 12.2%.