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Case Profile: Retail Apparel Group Enhances Customer Experience

As any retailer is well aware, nailing the customer experience, be it online or storefront, is vital to a brand’s success. Power Retail got the lowdown from Retail Apparel Group’s Peter Ratcliffe on how the Group ensures it delivers exceptional service across its portfolio of brands.

Retail Technology SuperGuide

The Power of User Generated Content

Building trust online is one of the toughest things a brand can do. By trying to ‘load the dice’ in its favour, a brand may wind up destroying that unspoken contract with its customers. Read more in this excerpt from Power Retail’s new book, the Retail Technology SuperGuide.

The Penguin update, also the latest update, penalises websites for trying to 'cheat' at relevance and link-building.

Permanent Penguin Update to Change The SEO Game

The next Google Penguin update has recently become a guessing game. With problems constantly superseding the launch of the next algorithm update, a longer than anticipated wait for eager users is on the cards. But with a longer wait, comes an even better proposal.