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Klika staff shot

Klika: Self-Contained E-Commerce Success

Based out of Oakleigh in Melbourne’s southeast, Klika has been a quiet achiever amongst online retailers. Founded as a home and outdoor goods retailer ten years ago, the business is worth $15 million today, with elder statesmen Ian McLellan, Boris Zaitsev and Scott Gladstone still at the helm.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Ramps Up 1 Hour Delivery

Amazon is expanding its Prime Now one-hour delivery service into more cities across the US, as competition in the online high-speed delivery space heats up.

Cassini search tips selling on eBay

18 eBay Cassini Search Tips

Are you one of those eBay sellers who use to sell a ton on eBay, and when they released the Cassini search engine your sales dropped out of nowhere? Well, you aren’t the only one.