Australian and New Zealand Retailers Reveal 2013 E-Commerce Priorities

A global 2012 E-Commerce Trends survey of nearly 500 retailers (incorporating 125 Australian/New Zealand businesses) conducted by SLI Systems has found that improving conversion rates and attracting more website visitors are the biggest challenges retailers face heading into 2013, on top of logistic improvements and international expansions.

Sixty-three percent of survey respondents said improving conversions was a key challenge, while 61 percent highlighted attracting more customers to websites as a major challenge. As such, retailers plan to address these challenges by increasing SEO efforts (22 percent), solidifying their mobile commerce strategies (15 percent), upgrading or changing their e-commerce platform (15 percent), and improving their site search functionality (13 percent).

The survey results also pinpointed site search, SEO and mobile commerce strategies as the leading priorities going into the new year. When addressing site search and navigation offerings, retailers said they plan to focus on improving or adding Ajax (46 percent), refinements (44 percent), A/B testing (41 percent) and mouse-over pop-up images (39 percent) functionalities to their site search strategies.

An ever-increasing number of consumers continue to use mobile devices to browse, research and purchase online, and Internet Retailer estimates that mobile commerce will double in 2012 and continue to grow into 2013. The retailers who participated in the SLI survey will embrace the mobile trend as 40 percent plan to implement a mobile strategy in the New Year, and 23 percent plan to build a mobile app. Of the retailers that already have a mobile site, 15 percent said they would take measures to improve the user experience and increase sales by enhancing site search functionality on their mobile sites.

In the lead up to the 2012 Christmas holiday season, retailers began addressing the business challenges with more than 40 percent increasing their SEO efforts and focusing on better merchandising, refinements and navigation capabilities, while 34 percent of respondents focused on improvements to ensure more relevant site search.

Retailers also regarded non-product content as an important element to increasing the effectiveness of their e-commerce efforts. Nearly half of retailers (48 percent) have already posted articles and press releases to their sites, as well as how-to information (46 percent), Twitter feeds (44 percent), blog posts (42 percent) and videos (41 percent).

The below infographic details all of the Australian and New Zealand survey findings:

SLI Systems E-Commerce Survey Infographic AUS NZ

The 2012 E-Commerce Trends Survey was conducted online by Survey Monkey on behalf of SLI Systems. The poll, which gathered feedback from nearly 500 e-commerce business managers and executives in the US and Canada, UK, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Asia Pacific, was conducted from November 13th to November 30th, 2012. Download the full survey and related infographic.

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