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Is Your Business Ready for the NBN?

Is your business ready for the NBN?

Although much discussion surrounding the NBN has been focused on the public sector and benefits to consumers, there is also a lot for businesses to consider. Now it’s time to prepare for these changes and future proof your offering.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has suffered some setbacks throughout the course of its development and roll out plans, however it will be arriving before too long and this could have big repercussions for any online business.

In a report recently released by MYOB, the business management solutions provider found that small to medium businesses have been less proactive in the online space – despite a general increase in the number of businesses with a website. This lethargy could be a reflection of consumer sentiment at the moment, or it could be that many SMBs have a ‘set and forget’ attitude when it comes to online practices.

Whatever the reason, this malaise represents a big opportunity for more future-minded business owners to take advantage of the impending NBN roll out, maximising their potential for success in the process.

In order to help businesses prepare for the new infrastructure, Macquarie Telecom has launched three initiatives that should be of interest to online operations wishing to remain competitive.

  1. The NBN Business Ready Website: This site had been created to provide factual information and content on the business implications and opportunities that the NBN presents to mid-sized organisations.
  2. The Insight Centre: Macquarie Telecom first released research on the NBN in 2010. This report, the Australian Business Expectations for the National Broadband Network, was the first of its kind to measure business confidence in the NBN, while also predicting potential gains in productivity. Now, the 2012 NBN Business Readiness Survey has been expanded and will address all the key areas for concern for businesses preparing for the technological shift.
  3. Future Content: As of mid-September, Macquarie Telecom will be introducing an NBN business forum where businesses and industry representatives can discuss anything and everything NBN related. The website will focus on all sectors of industry including, but not limited to, online retail.

“To date, much of the discussion concerning the NBN has been focused on political issues, technology choices and benefits for consumers,” says Chris Greig, Group Executive of Macquarie Telecom’s Telco Business. “But what about businesses? Macquarie Telecom’s remit is to help businesses understand and prepare for the NBN, so that all sectors of our industry can benefit from the productivity boon that it will bring.”

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