PayPal’s New REST APIs are Now Available Globally

In March, online payments provider PayPal released a set of REST APIs and developer tools to the US development community. Now those APIs are available to everyone, worldwide.

The APIs are designed to make it quicker and easier for developers to integrate PayPal into their various applications. Given the ubiquity of PayPal as a payments provider, it’s hard to say whether the developers of PayPal themselves are set to benefit most from the change.

“By building our new APIs on modern, standards-based technologies such as REST, OAuth and JSON, we’ve made it even quicker, easier and more secure for developers to integrate PayPal into their applications,” writes John Lunn, Global Director for the PayPal Developer Network, via PayPal’s official blog, Forward.

“The response has been terrific with more than 50,000 US developers implementing these APIs. Based on our developers’ feedback we are now making our REST APIs available globally for anyone to integrate PayPal payments in multiple currencies.”

PayPal also notes that there are a number of scheduled roll-outs for “new developer capabilities” due to arrive throughout the year.

For E-Commerce and Website Developer at DeveloperSteve Steven Cooper, the update makes for  exciting news.

“As a developer, integrating PayPal into a project using the new RESTful API’s makes it easier and faster over the previous methods,” Cooper says. “Also, they allow for a more seamless and painfree experience, especially when trying to work bugs out of a script when building, or for developers trying to pick up the APIs for the first time. For me it’s one of the most exciting releases since ‘Adaptive Payments’ was released in 2009.”

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