Ongoing Tablet Growth Could Affect In-House IT

In its soon-to-be-released report, Forrester Research predicts that there will be 375 million tablet devices sold in the year 2016, with 760 million tablet devices actively in use worldwide.

The predicted growth represents a 46 percent compound annual growth rate, with just 56 million tablet devices having been sold in 2011.

Frank Gillett, Chief Information Officer for Forrester notes in his blog, that “tablets aren’t the most powerful computing gadgets. But they are the most convenient.”

“Eventually tablets will slow laptop sales but increase sales of desktop PCs,” Gillett said. “That’s because many people, especially information workers, will still need conventional PCs for any intensely creative work at a desk that requires a large display or significant processing power.”

Gillett also points out that the rise in tablet sales will also continue for business devices, and with more office workers bringing their own devices to work, or being issued devices with commercially available software, there will be less demand for internal IT operations to assist with their integration.

“Given that a majority of tablets will be retired within three years of purchase, we forecast that there will be 760 million tablets in use globally by 2016,” said Gillett. “One third of these tablets will be purchased by businesses and emerging markets will drive about 40% of sales.”


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