Mobile Shopping: How to Please Your Digital Customer

With rising consumer expectations, email is still the most effective marketing channel when targeting mobile customers.

In the multichannel digital age where consumers are becoming more tech savvy and sophisticated, it is increasingly difficult to please customers on a digital platform as they are spoilt for choice with an unparalleled number of competitors at their fingertips.

As a result, 89 percent of marketing leaders compete primarily on the basis of customer experience as compared to 36 percent only four years ago, according to insights from Gartner.

With rising consumer expectations in mind, email is still the most effective marketing channel when targeting mobile customers. Research conducted by dotmailer has found that nearly 90 percent of emails are opened on smartphone mobile devices. This represents an incredible opportunity for businesses to build the ideal customer experience whilst increasing customer loyalty and retention.

Below are a few key recommendations on how to please your digital customer via email. A holistic email approach is necessary in order to satisfy and retain your online consumers.

Design for Mobile Platforms

Despite the fact that nearly 90 percent of emails are opened on a mobile device there is a significant lack of mobile-centric marketing. Only 12 percent of email newsletters are using a responsive design and 39 percent of companies don’t even have any mobile strategy in place. Considering how your newsletter design will look on a small mobile screen or a tablet (with the option to rotate 90 degrees) is a pivotal first step in developing a mobile friendly interface. Remember, the design and appearance of your email newsletter is the equivalent of a storefront; customers will base opinions and make judgments from what they see.


Personalisation is a key component to a customer’s positive journey with your brand. A customer can develop a long term relationship with your brand through a culmination of positive experiences with your company. Personalisation also contributes to their experiences by aligning the appropriate messages with the customer’s interests and desires. This allows for a greater degree of segmentation, which targets what the customer is more likely to be interested in. In this day and age where consumers are increasingly time-conscious, digital customers are simply not interested in messages that appear to be mass produced.

Provide a seamless experience

While more and more customers are engaging with companies through a mobile device, 90 percent of them have reported having experienced poor customer service on mobile. This represents the need for a holistic view on email marketing in order to please online consumers. Companies need to ensure that their various touchpoints engage customers as one cohesive unit and that it provides a seamless experience for customers. This is an issue many organisations face, with 37 percent of global companies reporting that the complexity of different touch points is the greatest barrier to improving the customer experience, according to Adobe’s e-Consultancy Digital Trends 2015 report.


It’s incredibly important for companies to engage with customers in a two-way conversation. With the rise of social media, it is essential that companies present themselves as an entity that will respond to individual concerns and feedback. For emails, avoid sending emails from a ‘no reply’ address. This will make you appear distant and disconnected from your customers.


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