Hairhouse Warehouse Reveals Omnichannel Rollout Strategy – Webinar

This week, Power Retail moderated a webinar that featured the deep insight of Hairhouse Warehouse‘s CFO, Michael O’Connell regarding how this complex retail business was undergoing some significant changes.

As with many other complex retail brands, Hairhouse Warehouse has long been aware of the fact that its own systems and processes would eventually limit its performance, even to the point of restricting competitive ability. However, being aware of the problem and finding an affordable solution are a long way from being the same thing.

Nominally a national haircare and accessories retailer, Hairhouse Warehouse also offers appointments with specialist hair stylists for its customers – moreover, many of its outlets are independently owned by franchisees. It’s hard to imagine a more complex set of problems that must be overcome in order to continue growing.

Following this presentation, it’s clear that if a business can build a unified, scalable back-end, a franchisor business model begins to make sense within the context of an omnichannel retail experience. It seems one of the most popular retail models of an Australia gone-by may be set to have its own renaissance.

For further details on Hairhouse Warehouse’s upgrade plans, you can access the webinar by filling out the form below.

Realising Hairhouse Warehouse's Retail Future

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