How Retailers are Enabling a Clear Customer View – Webinar

Big, global brands are already finding new and innovative ways of deriving practical insight from massive data sets – but this isn’t a practice reserved for tech-savvy enterprises only.

The challenge for retailers is structure and data. For businesses with existing IT systems in place, the goal will be to translate the data structures into a common format in order to develop a Unified Customer View.

Discover how large brands like Macy’s, Nordstrom, Telstra and Myer are already leveraging data to enrich their businesses.

In this informative interactive one hour webinar session, presented by Pronto Software‘s Stephen Duncan, we discuss:

  • How retailers can unlock the power of their customer data to develop sales strategies based on demographics, customer demand and brand loyalty
  • Decide whether to invest in 3rd party systems or integrated solutions to streamline your data; to best decrease the complexity and potentially your overall investment
  • Understand how to gain double digit revenue productivity growth through effectively leveraging customer data.

Retail 20/20: Enabling a Clear Customer View

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