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Power Retail is the number one news and information resource for digital and omnichannel retail in Australia and New Zealand.

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Who Reads Power Retail?
Key digital retail decision-makers from leading e-commerce and omnichannel retail brands.

Why Power Retail?
We’re all about new retail, and our readers engage with Power Retail for a daily dose of news and information specific to digital retail.
Power Retail is the first destination for digital retail buyers to find inspiration, discover new products and source suppliers.

What is a conversion worth to your business?
Our goal is to place your message in front of qualified, engaged and active customers. Quality leads from primed buyers.

*33% (approx. 4620) of Power Retail readers spend $1m+ per annum on digital

*7% (approx. 1015) of Power Retail readers spend $10m+ per annum on digital


*Source: 2018 Power Retail Benchmarking Survey from the E-Commerce Leaders’ Playbook


For more information on available opportunities, contact:

Alex Roberts

Business Development Manager

+61 3 9103 2314 or +61 499 440 844