Charles Crouch


Charles teaches popular courses in e-commerce for Boston University International Graduate Programs and in digital marketing for Chisholm in Melbourne. He also gives lively seminars and conference presentations on current e-business topics and works with retail, industrial and professional service companies to improve their online performance. Charles has a background in international business operations, having worked for Apple in California as a business manager, for Johnson Controls in London as a project director, and with WSI in Belgium as an Internet business consultant. He is the author of "How to Manage Your Website Project, a non-technical guide for building better websites" and has additional e-business material online at

Charles’s Articles

Marketing in the information age

Marketing in the Information Age

Charles Crouch has witnessed the e-commerce industry develop and all the changes it brings as a result. Here, he explains the new techniques involved with marketing in the information age.

Building an Online Store

Charles Crouch’s helpful start up tips are back! In this article he will help you get your website up and running. But don’t jump the gun, you will want to be very particular in the process prior to launching…


Online Stores Are Different!

While traditional stores have been around for thousands of years, their online counterparts are a relatively new phenomenon. From fulfillment to security, Charles Crouch explains the major differences.