Charles Nicholls

Charles Nicholls

Charles Nicholls is a leading industry expert on e-commerce, web analytics, social media marketing, and online buyer behaviour. He specialises in shopping cart abandonment and email remarketing, and serves as Chair of the Conversion Academy. He has authored two books: 'Lessons Learned From The Top 10 Converting Websites' and 'In Search of Insight.' Charles is a market analyst, blogger, commentator and regular contributor to ecommerce and analytics publications including Practical eCommerce, CustomerThink and BusinessWeek. He is also founder and Chief Strategy Officer at website conversion company SeeWhy.

Charles’s Articles

Digital Catalogues – Getting Started

Digital catalogues are an important ecommerce marketing tool, even more so with the social sharing options encouraged by quality digital catalogues. Conversion expert Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy describes how to use digital catalogues effectively.

Unhappy customers

Marketing: It’s Time to Ditch the Batch

Getting out of step with customers can have dire consequences, and at the heart of the problem lies batch transfers of data. Data transfer doesn’t sound exciting, but when customers are alienated, it’s something that online marketers should take notice of.