Dean Salakas

CEO, The Party People

Dean is Chief Party Dude and co-founder of successful online retailer The Party People. Prior to his party life, Dean was a business analyst for Woolworths which was his first job after graduating university with a Bachelor of Business and Commerce in Marketing and Operations Management. In his spare time, Dean plays Oztag and goes fishing at a secret spot on the central coast.

Dean’s Articles

online retail leadership strategy

Is Online Retail Chess or Poker?

Business is a game of chess, and the winner is always thinking 10 moves ahead with strategies to counter what’s going to come. If you don’t think this way, you’re just a gambler playing poker, hoping the cards fall your way.

dean salakas the party people party supplies amazon australia

How Will Amazon Affect My Online Retail Store?

With Amazon announcing its sure arrival on our doorstep, Dean Salakas, chief executive of party supplies retailer The Party People, contemplates how his business will be affected and says that Amazon won’t really hurt it.

dean salakas, the party people, amazon 2017 insights

Preparing for More Disruption in 2017

Dean Salakas, co-founder of successful online retailer The Party People, says that whether Amazon is coming or not, his company will assume they are, and have a strategy to either work with them or combat them.