Graham Oakes

Independent Consultant

Graham Oakes helps people untangle complex technology, relationships, processes and governance. As an independent consultant, he helps organisations to define strategy, initiate projects and hence run those projects effectively. Dr Oakes has held positions including Director of Technology at Sapient Ltd and Head of Project Management for Psygnosis Ltd. His book "Project Reviews, Assurance and Governance" is published by Gower.

Graham’s Articles

Are online retail best practices hampering your business?

Best Practice or Bureaucracy?

Are your ideals of ‘best practice’ actually slowing your business down? Graham Oakes explains how trying to control change can hamper retail operations.

Does the device matter?

All the buzz, research and development seems to be focused on hardware platforms – devices – right now, but how much more needs to be done in this area?

Cloud computing

Cloud: The Fuzzy Edge

Is the cloud a magical gift of the technology gods? It doesn’t always have a silver lining for e-commerce businesses, according to Graham Oakes.