Elisabeth Lambert

Elisabeth Lambert

Elisabeth is an editor and content creator for The Media Pad, publishers of Power Retail. As a writer and blogger, she is rapt that she is able to channel her passion for online retailing into Power Retail. She also loves writing about rugby, pop culture, travel and anything baby related. Having spent most of the last decade in Japan, Elisabeth still immerses herself in as much Japanese crazy as possible, and when she has time, Elisabeth likes to cook, ski and train for triathlons.

Elisabeth’s Articles

Tutorial Video: Cloud Computing

The last time I checked, talking about clouds involved words like stratus, altostratus and cirrus–so If you’re like me, and don’t know your IaaS from your Paas or SaaS, then this fun tutorial video, ‘What is Cloud Computing?’, is for you.

SYDNEY RETAILERS: Join Us Wednesday Evening

Sydney retailers, we want to connect with you. Plugged IN is powering up this week in the Sydney CBD, with live site reviews, drinks and nibbles to bring some networking fun to the retail community. Best of all, the event is free for retailers!