Mark Brixton

Country Manager @ SLI-Systems

As Country Manager for SLI Systems, Mark Brixton works with some of Australia’s most prominent companies helping them to improve the customer experience and performance of their websites. Having been in the online industry since 2004, Mark’s innate ability to evaluate and understand business needs, along with his knowledge of online solutions and trends, make him a respected and trusted authority within the wider professional community. At SLI Systems, which is a developer of Software-as-a-Service learning-based search and navigation solution provider, Mark enables e-commerce retailers to increase their sales by allowing customers to more easily find the products and services they require.

Mark’s Articles

Finding the Right Present Online – It’s a Gift!

Creating best practice online user experiences is vital to increasing your bottom line. This is especially apparent with gifts and specialty goods as customers may not have a specific product in mind. Mark Brixton from SLI Systems takes us through optimising search and navigation to lead users to relevant results, and hopefully, the ideal gift.


The Online Concierge – Intelligent Site Search

Consumer expectations of the online experience have matured and so too have the technologies. Mark Brixton explains how to give your customers what they want, when they want it, maximising the opportunities for conversion.