Mark Troselj

Mark Troselj

Vice President and General Manager of ANZ for NetSuite

Mark Troselj is Vice President and General Manager of Australia and New Zealand for NetSuite. With nearly 20 years industry experience in Australia, Singapore and China, Mark is responsible for building on NetSuite’s sales momentum for its cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites across Asia Pacific and Japan. Prior to joining NetSuite, he worked for Dell, Sun Microsystems, SAP and Telstra.

Mark’s Articles

Omnichannel demand

Overcoming Omnichannel Demand Challenges

Overcoming inventory challenges are integral to good retail practice, but there are some specific concerns for omnichannel adoption, which can really only be overcome by best practice omnichannel systems.

How to Beat Amazon

How to Beat Amazon at its Own Game

Amazon has written and re-written the rules of e-commerce globally since the late 1990s, sending more than a few traditional retailers into an early grave and leaving plenty of others sweating.

Omnichannel success at Christmas

Five Tips for Omnichannel Christmas Success

Achieving omnichannel success this Christmas doesn’t require the IT infrastructure or big budgets that department stores have access to, writes Mark Troselj. However, an integrated e-commerce solution is key.