Melody Townsend

Co-Founder & Director, Active Creatures

Melody is the co-founder and director of Active Creatures, a women’s dance and sports luxe clothing brand launched in 2014. Challenging conventional thinking with styles and designs made to make women feel sexy and strong when they are working out, Active Creatures is sold online and via boutique retailers in Australia and overseas. Over the past 18 years, Melody has worked in senior corporate marketing roles for global brands in various industries including e-Commerce.

Melody’s Articles

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Consider This Before You Get Physical

As online retailers we are more like alley cats, able to flex and react at speed when interventions are required, to ensure prosperous nine-life innings. We have developed some sharp street smarts, no doubt about it. But sometimes, some of us are seduced to the dark side.

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Stop Pulling The Sales Price Lever and Get Creative!

As an online retailer, how do we rethink our sales and marketing strategy so that 2017 is about building long-term business value and brand engagement? Here’s what I reflect on from some of the most robust conversations and moments in my business this year.