Michel van Aalten


Michel van Aalten is the Country Manager of Australia and New Zealand for Adyen, a leading payments technology company that provides businesses with a single global platform to accept payments anywhere in the world. A senior member of the Adyen team, Michel has worked with retailers across Europe, the U.S. and APAC. He has extensive experience in the global payments industry, and has helped many leading omnichannel retailers roll out payments in new markets around the world.

Michel’s Articles

5 Tips for Unified Commerce Payments payments webinar adyen

3 Tips for Unified Commerce Payments

In 2017, we’re entering an era of unified commerce. Payments are becoming invisible, with important transactions taking place out of sight and out of mind, better enabling shoppers to focus on their shopping experience.

Steps Towards Unified Commerce adyen webinar

Steps Towards Unified Commerce

Payments can seem like a small issue – but in fact, it holds the key to a wealth of unified commerce benefits. By centralising your payments into a single system, you have access to data-rich shopper insights, which is gold for your business.

5 Reasons Retailers Need Unified Commerce

5 Reasons Retailers Need Unified Commerce

Shoppers today want personalised, frictionless experiences online and in-store, that is, a unified commerce approach. As a retailer, you need to deliver these experiences to keep shoppers coming back for more. But how can you facilitate this experience?