Neha Kale

Neha is a writer and editor for The Media Pad, publisher of Power Retail. She has a background in business, arts and film journalism and an interest in new media and digital strategy. She is looking forward to exploring how retailers are impacted by the online space for Power Retail. Neha is a magazine junkie whose other addictions include coffee, travel and live music. She likes to run but has a long-time allergy to team sports.

Neha’s Articles

Online Retailer Roadshow Wrap

Melbourne’s online retail community turned up in full force for the Online Retailer Roadshow, a key knowledge sharing event for the e-commerce industry.

Case Profile: Milan Direct

Founded by Dean Ramler and e-commerce maverick Ruslan Kogan, Milan Direct has enjoyed rapid growth since 2007. The company shares its journey with Power Retail.