Sam Gopal

Sam Gopal

Sam has a background in media and publishing, and keeps a beady eye on the online retail space. When she isn’t a slave to her desk, she’s counteracting her love of food with mastering the powerful plank. She’s also a keen traveller (just don’t tell the boss!).

Sam’s Articles


Temple & Webster Board Shake-Up

In an effort to claw back its profitability and revive its place in the stock market, online furniture retailer Temple & Webster is making changes to its board management.


Dan Murphy’s Online Growth Soars

Liquor retailer Dan Murphy’s online sales are growing at three times the rate of its combined 204 bricks-and-mortar stores, commanding 50 percent of the online liquor market.

Retail Apparel Group - Connor

Case Profile: Retail Apparel Group Enhances Customer Experience

As any retailer is well aware, nailing the customer experience, be it online or storefront, is vital to a brand’s success. Power Retail got the lowdown from Retail Apparel Group’s Peter Ratcliffe on how the Group ensures it delivers exceptional service across its portfolio of brands.