Samantha Youl

Samantha Youl

Sam is a content creator for The Media Pad. She was never sure what type of media job she wanted to settle for after studying media and communications at University, but being a bit of a shopaholic and a mobile phone junkie, The Media Pad seemed to be the perfect fit. When she isn’t watching the online retail space she spends far too much time playing netball and investigating her next trip abroad. Follow Sam on Twitter or connect with her through LinkedIn

Samantha’s Articles

SPECIAL REPORT #27 Integrated Marketing

In this special report compiled by Power Retail and brought to you by TAOS Creative, integrated marketing is analysed to provide insights on how to create a seamless experience for your customer. With numerous marketing options available on and offline, retailers can often be confused in which route to take their campaign. Read best practice examples and information from the experts to broaden your knowledge and take the next step to integrate your channels.

Vinomofo talks ‘Getting Started’

Charismatic CEO and Co-Founder of Vinomofo, Andre Eikmeier, chatted to Grant Arnott about the importance of a community at this year’s Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo.

SPECIAL REPORT #25 Email Marketing 2.0

As the world of online becomes increasingly connected, email is now more than ever integral to a marketer’s arsenal of channels to engage consumers. In Email Marketing 2.0 we explore how email contributes to the ongoing dialogue with customers, through personalisation, remarketing and retargeting. We will also delve into the benefits of segmentation and how marketers can leverage this information to build insightful customer profiles for increased conversions.

Power Retail Exclusive with Amy Africa

Amy Africa was widely commended for her presentations at this years Online Retailer Conference and E-Commerce Expo. When she had a spare few minutes, she sat down with Power Retail’s Jessica Benton to discuss all things online.

Site Search Trends with Shaun Ryan

At this years Online Retailer Conference and E-commerce Expo, Power Retail’s Jessica Benton caught up with the CEO of SLI Systems, Shaun Ryan, to discuss all things site search.