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Diary of a Start Up Part 5: Choosing a Fulfilment Strategy

Now you have opened your online store, you have setup all the products, maybe created some special offers and even sent out a newsletter inviting visitors to your online business. What happens next? Someone buys a product and you have to send it to them. Strange thing about the web is that you never know […]

Diary of a Start Up Part 3: E-Payments

Our third instalment of the ‘Diary of a Start Up’ series looks at one of the most important facets of running an e-commerce business – e-payments. It’s vital get a handle on this area of an online business right from the start. Many questions are asked about taking payments online. It can be confusing, and […]

Diary of a Start Up Part 2: Choosing the Right Technology Partner

As you work through Diary of a Start Up Part 2, choosing the right technology partner to work with is of the utmost important and can be difficult. It’s often very hard to differentiate between organisations. So speaking to a person is a great way of obtaining the right advice. Be cautious of passing the responsibility […]